Collectors Corner

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Here are a small collection of rare whiskies you can buy from us - stocks are limited often to one bottle.

Bruichladdich Redder Still - Limited edition
Red cherry, pear pomegranate, red pepper, cinnamon, ginger, plum and rasin according to the distillery notes. ACEd in Ch. Lafleur Pomerol Bordeaux cask. The best of the ACEd wine stuff we have had from Bruichladdich. A worthy collectors item if past laddies are anything to go by (so buy!). Oh and by the way it is on at £300 a bottle at the distillery so a bargain here.


Longrow 10yr
The dried fruit and gentle smokiness on the nose. An initial rush of both sweetness and spice then a hint of brine before the peat smoke arrives to overwhelm the senses - A bonfire of flavours. Campbeltown at its finest.


Longrow Gaja Barolo Cask 55.8%
Big hit of ripe red fruit on the nose and the smoke we love. Big powerful dram on the palate with the red fruit showing through again mellowing the brine but not hiding it and then the complex smoky finish. Fun and fruity Longrow.


Longrow 10 yo - 100 proof
Floral nose (where is the peat) with the alcohol fizz. On the palate this is more like longrow but slightly more refined than the standard 10yo at this strength some how. Smoke and sweet vanilla with a long finish. Sadly now no longer in production and soon to be rare.


Port Charlotte PC6 from Bruichladdich - 61.6%
Tremendous young Islay whisky, lots of malted barley followed by the peaty tang not normally associated with Bruichladdich and a big hit of alcohol. Not one for the faint hearted but a beauty and an example of very good young (6yrs old) whisky - Jim got this one just right. Limited to 18,000 bottles (so not that limited) but if you collect; buy one to drink too, worthy on both counts. Won best whisky under 12yo in Whisky Bible 2009.


Port Charlotte PC7 from Bruichladdich - 61%
Here comes number 3 in the PC release - PC7. It is as good as last time. Another year and only lost 0.6% of the alcohol, must have been cool on Islay last year. I would reproduce the notes from Mr James McKewan but my website provider will charge extra storage suffice to say Jim sees all the hallmarks of an Islay giant and the sea breeze as we'd expect etc. I've tried it and loved it again. It is still a young and slightly raw whisky but showing all the pedigree for a great peaty Islay whisky, again not for the faint hearted but one to enjoy and if you collect you need this one as well.


Shackleton Mackinlay’s Rare Old Highland Malt - Limited edition bottling
A faithful reproduction of the actual Mackinlay’s whisky taken on the ill-fated Shackleton Antarctic expedition to the South pole in 1907. Fantastic presentation in its own wooden casket wrapped in paper and settled in straw with a spare cork for if you open it. A marketing mans dream and great presentation, plus Dave Broom rates the blended/vatted malt whisky inside after Richard Patterson of Whyte & MacKay tried to mirror the original and made a good job according to Dave who tried both.


Springbank 10yr - 100 proof (Old Red and Black box)
Dried apricots and buttery toffee with a hint of smoke. Full bodied and rich with sweet oakiness. A lingering sweet finish with a tang. A big dram with lots to offer. Now a collectors item as it has been replaced by the 12yo cask strength.


We do on occassions have access to other collectable whiskies so please contact us if you want to find a rare bottle as we do know of collectors who are looking to release some of their collections. contact us.
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