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Aberfeldy 1999 - Gordon & MacPhail
Polished leather and spice with a sherry hint on the nose. The palete brings sweet treacle, dark chocolate and a faint whiff of smoke. The finish is long, spicy and the faint hint of smoke appears again.


Aberlour A'bunhadh
A lovely cask strength Speysider, orange, black cherries, dried fruit and ginger, spiked with dark bitter chocolate and enriched with sherry and oak.


American Eagle 12yo
Fresh lime going to spice with a creamy finish.


A peaty lowland from the big grain distillery at Girvan, very young but rich and peaty all the same.


Apogee XII
A blended malt finished in Bimber casks and has a rich spicy feel to it with cinnamon and a solid oak driven middle, rather good.


Ardbeg Uigeadail
Peat, smoke and fire with hints of the sea and iodine, almost medicinal. A very powerful Islay cask strength.


Ardbeg Auriverdes
The world cup Ardbeg (green and gold) which is back to the citrus stuff amonst the peat and smoke. Not as heavy as some of the other Ardbegs but very drinkable. Apologies for the price but I got this via a route that meant I have to charge this. Still cheaper than auction.


Ardbeg Kildalton 2014 edition
Only had the briefest of tastes but peated (unlike the original) and citrus coming through well, like the more delicate 1978 in character but this was only a small dram so I may be wrong!


Ardbeg 21
Time has eased the peat on this one, the bourbon cask shows through more with the vanilla and wood blending nicely. A very complex and different Ardbeg to spend time with and savour.


Ardbeg An Oa
The new Ardbeg has more of the citrus and marmalade character and less of the seaweed, tar, kippers and ships ropes, I like the more delicate side of Ardbeg.


Ardbeg 10yo warehouse tin limited edition
The lovely standard age statement Ardbeg but in a collectors tin shaped and painted to loon like the famouse sea facing warehouse.


Ardbeg Corryvrecken
Big cask strength Ardbeg with citrus hints and loads of peat smoke as you would expect but surprisingly smooth even at 57% ABV and being quite young, no age statement but I would suggest circa 7 to 10 years for most of it - but do not hold me to it.


Ardmore 20yo
A good solid, gently smoked, oaky and vanilla drinker.


Ardmore 1996 - Gordon & MacPhail
I am afraid it is official notes only; red fruit, green apple and cracked black pepper notes, and a good touch of peat too.


Ballantines Original Character
A blend at 47%. No idea what it is like but normal Ballentines is a good blend.


Bankhall Sweet Mash
Triple distilled, young bourbon inspired distilate with creamy custard, toasted coconut, baked apples and brown sugar so the official tasting notes go.


Benromach 10yo gift set with 2 glasses
Toffee, caramel (not added) and a little soft smoke. Plus 2 lovely glassess all in a presentation pack


Benromach 10yo
Toffee, caramel (not added) and a little soft smoke.


Benromach Peat Smoke - Gordon & MacPhail
Sweet burnt sugar aroma with wood smoke and phenols. Coal smoke and barley fill the mouth finishing slightly sweet and malty - great whisky.


Benromach 15yo
A deeply satisfying sherry dram with depth and complexity you can explore time and again. The thinking maltheads malt.


Benromach 2009 cask strength - Gordon & MacPhail
Cask strength first release after the 100 proof was ceased. Same profile but with a luittle more vanilla from a touch of bourbon cask.


Benromach Organic - Gordon & MacPhail
Oak, vanilla and a delicate sweetness a possible a little fruit on the nose. The palate is fantastic rich oak, vanilla sweetness without cloying - Moffatt toffee anyone. The flavour lasts and fills your mouth. It might be young but it doesn't display it, this is a great whisky.


Bladnoch 1993 - Gordon & MacPhail
Sweet, floral, a dry grassiness with a hint of spice & liquorice - delicate & fragrant. A gentle lowlander.


Bowmore Vaults Edit1oN
First Limited release of the Vault Edition - Atlantic Sea Salt. Official tasting notes - Salted honeycomb with zingy spiced cocoa and the tang of iodine-soaked blood orange.


Bowmore 9yo Sherry cask
A combination of bourbon and sherry casks, resulting in a rich whisky with notes of cocoa, dark fruits and crème caramel, along with the smoky backbone.


Bruichladdich PHD - Feis 2016
So complex you need a doctorate to enjoy.


Bunnahabhain Stiuireadair
A new no age statement (NAS) from Bunnahabhain (translation is Helmsman) fully matured in sherry casks, pleasant enough and clear sherry influence.


Bunnahabhain EIRIGH NA GREINE 1 litre bottle
Travel retail exclusive finished in red wine casks. The official notes say Sweet, rich spices evolve into flavours of roasted nuts, fresh fruits and hints of the sea which will transport you to the Bunnahabhain pier at sunrise. I just think this is a lovely fresh easy drinking dram that has you pouring it again.


Bunnahabhain 2008 Manzanilla cask
Salted caramel, creamy berries, rich oak,dried fruit and spice on the nose with dried fruit and figs, sweet malt, candied fruit and toffee on the palate.


Cameronbridge 31yo - Cadenheads warehouse tour exclusive
Aged grain is a fine dram and this is no exception with the whiff of vanilla and toasted oak and a cream soda palate followed by a long vanilla oily finish. Exclusive to the warehouse tour but obtain for your delectation .


Deanston Sauterns cask - Distillery exclusive
Really sorry but no tasting notes available.


Deanston 2006 Fino cask finish
Honey and herbal notes with a dry edge of delicate sherry.


Edradour 10yr
Rich sweet sherry, dark chocolate, figs, marzipan and vanilla with a hint of parma violets. A classic sherried Highlander.


Edradour 2007 Unchillfiltered - Signatory
Like the 10yo but delivers bigger hits across the flavour range - a big brother of the classic sherried Highlander.


Eddrington 39yo blend - Cadenheads warehouse
Huge complex blend from Cadenheads - massive sherry notes and old leather, mahogony wardrobes, sweet rasin and a length that goes on for ages. A truly magnificent example of a very old blend.


Eagle Rare 10yo
From Buffalo Trace comes a 10yo at 45%. The official notes tell us this is a whiskey boasting full-bodied notes of cinder toffee, orange peel and buttery corn


Garrison Bros Single Barrel Texas Bourbon
Big complex frontier whisky, loads of vanilla oak and sweetness but a silkiness too. New kids on the block but an exciting addition to the bourbon world.


Glenallachie 12yo single cask 2008 Ruby Port Pipe
Heather honey, mocha, nutmeg, pineapple and eucalyptus on the nose with the pallate bringing waves of dark chocolate, mocha and almonds, followed by orange zest, grapefruit and ginger.


Glenallachie 8yo Koval rye cask finish
A little fruity stunner here with peach and pineapple a hint of vanilla and oak with a touch of spice. A brilliant breakfast dram and part of your five a day there is that much fruit in here.


Glenallachie 11yo Grattamacco cask finish
A nose of honey, peaches and apricots, with toffee orange peel, on the palate toffee, heather honey, red berries and peaches.


Glenallachie 12yo Sauterns cask finish
On tyhe nose peaches and grapefruit, with hints of cinnamon and almond, on the palate honey, treacle, pineapple and cinnamon.


Glenallachie 13yo Rioja cask finish
On the nose red berries, honey, grape must and orange peel the palate brings honey, sultanas, barley sugar, orange peel and a hint of aniseed .


Glenfiddich 20cl presentation pack - 12yo, 15yo and 18yo
The biggest selling malt and 3 different expressions in this tasting pack, personal favourite is the 15yo but a great introduction for someone starting out.


Glenfiddich 10cl presentation pack with 2 glasses - 12yo, 15yo and 18yo
The biggest selling malt and 3 different expressions in this tasting pack, personal favourite is the 15yo but a great introduction for someone starting out plus 2 little tasting glasses ina little draw in the pack.


Glenfiddich Experimental series IPA edition
Whisky in a highly hopped IPA cask. It is very strange to find hops as a flavour profile in a delicate whisky and adds bitterness to a sweet vanilla profile, slightly weird to be honest.


Glen Grant 2005 Gordn & MacPhail
Usual fun sticky sherry casked G&M pop.


Glengarioch 9yo 59.3% - Cadenheads warehouse tour exclusive
This has spent 3 years in a Tawny port cask and wow has that added layers of red fruit and spice to a gentle easy sipping dram. The colour is enticing, the nose more so and the palate just says pour another.


Glen Scotia Double Cask
Mature in bourbon and finished in PX sherry casks. Sweet sherry notes dominate the nose with a wisp of sea air intertwined, the brine comes to the fore on the palate but then slips away leaving sweet raisins, Christmas spices and a touch of smoke, the PX has had a large influence but it is a good solid dram.


Glen Scotia 2021 Festival wine cask finished edition 10yo
The maritime influence you get with good GS, fruity notes with a hint of spice, married with succulent red berries, citrus and sweet honey.


Glen Scotia Victoriana
Hard black liquorice with salt caramel and a puff of smoke, very complex and one to spend time with sipping.


Glentauchers 2005 - Gordon MacPhail
Fresh nectarine in white chocolate nose, tropical fruit sweetness, with zingy pineapple, apricot and a touch of white pepper flowing through to rich dark chocolate, floral oak and toasted malt .


Highland Park Ice 17yo
The follow on from the Valhalla collection and the official tasting notes point to mangoes, pineapple with vanilla and hints of smoke.


Highland Park Fire 15yo
The follow on from the Valhalla collection sibbling to Ice. Refill port pipes give this a light smoky citrus and spiced dram.


Highland Park 2006 - Gordon & MacPhail
Sherbet lemons on the nose and a touch of the heather, cocoa and citrus on the palate with a hint of fire embers on the finish, a very pleasant example of HP.


An Islay 9yo - Cadenheads Warehouse Tour
Bourbon cask from one of the south Islay distilleries that has been teaspooned so it cannot be called the distillery name. Big powerful peat belt and sweet bourbon notes and then more smoke.


James Crees 4yo
4 year old corn based whiskey, going to be sweet and vanilla driven with butter and touch of marmalade according to the official tasting notes, I would add bananas!


Kilchoman Loch Gorm 2018
The 2018 is a more gentle version with the cask coming through more to compete with the peat and the dried fruits coming up more in the mix make this even better than usual for me.


Kilchoman PX edition 2021
Caramelised brown sugar, tobacco leaf, liquorice and fruit cake with mixed spices and peat smoke.


Kingsbarn Dream to Dram
On the nose banana, pineapple and summer berries, with a slight herbal note. Soft toffee, custard pastry and redcurrants finishing as spiced ginger.


Kilkerran 12yo
A fruity fresh dram with hints of brine way at the back. A personal favourite and one of the best everyday drinking malts out there.


Laphroaig Cairdeas 15yo
Cairdeas means friends in Galic and this is a limtited release for the Friends of laphroaig. No notes but hell it is 15yo Lappy!


Laphroaig Brodir
Limited release port casked Lappy. Brodir means brother!


Lagavulin Jazz Festival 2016
Official notes say sweet and smoky - honey, fresh fruit, smoked ham, raisins, toffee, tobacco and classic Lagavulin smoke.


Lagavulin Jazz Festival 2017
Official notes say a sweet and typically peaty expression, with hints of almonds, brazil nuts, pears and smoked ham.


Lagavulin Distillery Edition 2017
From a fuddles memory a high percentage of rechare casks give it a higher oak flavour profile with the usual peat, less sweet, slight bitter edge but very much a big peaty punch.


Lagavulin 8yo - 200th Anniversary
A young and fiesty Laga, flatter and dirtier than the usual 16 and loving that peaty hit.


Loch Dhu
The legandary(??) black whisky from Mannachmore, too much E150 and you get a black whisky. One I dislike intensly but loved by others. Ths sticky black film it leaves is like treacle, why people buy it I don't know but we are not all the same.


The no age statement standard offering from Longrow. Not as peaty as the old ones but still with the brine and smoke hints. A more subtle offering that does not capture the old Longrow but does still capture your taste buds. A soft lightly peated easy drinker.


MacPhails 15 - Gordon & MacPhail
A top Speyside distilleries spirit put in G&M casks, aged in G&M warehouses and then bottled by G&M. Fruit cake and Xmas in a glass but with a small hint of smoke and very easy drinking.


MacPhails 25 - Gordon & MacPhail
A top Speyside distilleries spirit put in G&M casks, aged in G&M warehouses and then bottled by G&M. Sherry, spice, vanilla and fruit cake on the nose. great balance of sherry, oak and fruit on the palate with a long complex finish with a faint hint of smoke(?). This is a fantastic example that allow you to see what 25 year old spirit is like from this distillery without having to find a good few pounds extra.


MacPhails 30 - Gordon & MacPhail
A top Speyside distilleries spirit put in G&M casks, aged in G&M warehouses and then bottled by G&M this time for 30 years. This has rich oak panelled office with a hint of smoke. On the palate rich sherry, oak, hints of smoke and spice. The finish last for ages and lingers until you have to have another. A perfect example of a fantastic speysider at its best. Character, richness and depth.


MacPhails 40 - Gordon & MacPhail
A top Speyside distilleries spirit put in G&M casks, aged in G&M warehouses and then bottled by G&M this time for 40 years. More oak and wood influence but not overpowering the whisky as the fuit and sherry come through followed by a whiff of smoke and the whole thing lingers on you needing a sip only occassionally to spark the joy off again.


MacPhails 50 - Gordon & MacPhail
A top Speyside distilleries spirit put in G&M casks, aged in G&M warehouses and then bottled by G&M and in this case left for a very long time. I have now tried it and this is an absolute gem. The wood works in harmony and does not overpower even at this age, there is no harshness or burn just silky smooth spirit caressing your senses with rich warmth and bags of winter spices, dark chocolate and dried ftuits. It is in my top 10 must have whiskies and in the top 5 for those that you can still get as a general release.
In addition here are the abridged official tasting notes. Resin and pine giving way to tofee and fudge on the nose, the palate is sherry wood with charred oak hints of menthol and bitter chocolate finishing in sweet sherry with a phenolic edge (sounds lovely, I had best save up).


Octomore 8.1
Peated to 167 ppm and was distilled in 2008 using 100% Scottish barley. 100% matured in first fill American oak casks.


Octomore 8.2 - travel retail exclusive
Peated to 167 ppm and 8 years old. Spent the first six years of its life in one of three different styles of wine cask.


Poit Dhubh 8yo
Pronounced "Potch Ghoo" it is a vatted malt with hints of sherry and touch of smoke on the nose with peat smoke and sherry on the palate, not the most complex but a solid little drinker that can up the standard of your Hot Toddy should you decide to! .

£20.00 - special offer while stocks last

Port Charlotte PC10 from Bruichladdich - 59.2%
This shows how things soften with age, a great drinking peaty dram. Lost is the brutal youth of the PC6 and replaced with a fine mature example of what Bruichladdich can do and should do as they do it so well . Scored 96 in whisky bible so no slouch.


Port Charlotte PC11 from Bruichladdich
Yet to try as so limited (we only have 1 bottle) and that is for sale. If it is like the rest both drinkable and collectable all at the same time.


Port Charlotte PC12 from Bruichladdich
The final release and on the tasting list but had a sip when we were up there, rather jolly good and more sophisticated and showing gentleness with age, great whisky.


Powers Johns Lane reserve
Rich vanilla, honey and spice with the gentleness of a triple distilled Irish whiskey.


Sazerac Rye
Aromas of clove, vanilla, anise and pepper. Subtle notes of candied spices and citrus. The big finish is smooth with hints of licorice.


Speyburn 25yo
A fantastic aged speysider with rich dark fruits, chocolate, heavy sherry sticky mouthfeel and great length. One to sip when you need to escape the world and find gentle peace and calm.


Speymalt from Macallan 2005 - Gordon MacPhail
Again we are on official tasting notes - Oily orange peel, with smooth praline, pears and chocolate sauce. Macallan at this price is a very rare thing.


Speyside-Glenlivet 19yo - Cadenheads
Bruised apples and sherried cherry aroma, bakewell tart and rich sherry notes coming back to cherries.


Springbank 10yr
Citrus fruit and a hint of peat on the nose. The palate has a hint of smoke, vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon ending in the salty Springbank tang.. A young sea dog at heart.


Strathclyde 29yo - Cadenheads warehouse tour exclusive
Big hitting old grain whisky showing excelt length, huge vanilla and fruits with cereal overtones.


Three Ships 12yo - South African Malt
Sponge cake with cream and jam and a whiff of smoke on the nose with the palate bringing apple, coffee and walnut cake and hint of smoke too.


Whisky Works Glaswegian 29yo grain
On the nose vanilla buttercream followed by tangy fruit salad and a little candy floss. On the palate, old oak furniture, melted toffee and cooking chocolate with hints of black cherries and marmalade.



The more traditional notes of gin are combined with a refreshing influence of citrus and aromatic wild berry.


Cadenheads Classic Gin 50%
Same rich mix of heady botanicals as the Old Raj but without the saffron and more along the lines of a classical gin but classy rather than the usual gut rot mothers ruin type. Up front juniper and angelica root giving way to a citrus burst and dry sweetness on the finish


Caorunn Scottish Gin
Gaelic for Rowen berry and made at the Balmenach distillery. Apple notes, a brief wisp of juniper and then moves to floral and a slight lemon edge to finish.


Darnleys Spiced Navy Strength 57.1%
A spiced intense London Dry Gin with nutmeg and cinnamon on the nose, ginger and sweet citrus palate with an orange rind and black pepper finish.


Edinburgh Cannonball Gin - 57% ABV
Navy strength 100 proof gin from the Scottish capital. Boiled sweets and citrus nose with pine elements and hints of cherry blossom and raspberry.


Edinburgh Gin - 43% ABV
The gentle version of the Edinburgh with a clean and fresh spiced notes noce, juniper and floral palate and a gentle citrus finish.


Gilt - Scottish Malt gin
A Gin made with 100% malted barley makes this somewhat different from the usual. On the nose vanilla and juniper with barley sweetness also present, earthy juniper, citrus and slight toffee hints leading to a dry earthy finish.


Lussa Gin - Jura
Three very diverse ladies married the local Jura farmers (one was a Radio one reporter that went to Jura for KLF £1m burning and decided to stay) and then they decided to make gin and use the local bontanicals including roses and lemon thyme, all locally grown. The lemon shines through and the spirit is a little more viscous that you get in normal gins so it is rather good voer ice as a sipper.


Misty Isle Old Tom Pink Gin 41.5%
A full strength gin inflused with raspberry from the Isle of Skye. Raspberry hits the nose straight off, the juniper and rasperry come together on the palate with a refreshing mix of sweet black fruits and raspberry. So much fruit it could be good for you!


North Berwick Navy Strength
Juniper invites you in, followed by a burst of clean citrus then warm earthy notes and a dash of white pepper before the final flourish of juniper. A big hitter at 57% too


Cadenheads Old Raj Gin 55%
Christine is the Gin drinker at Executive Tastings and with the rich botanicals including saffron this one is top of her list and the export strength just brings more to the party. Big juniper and citrus zing with a touch of herbal and menthol hints.


Cadenheads Old Raj Spiced Gin 46%
Wimnter spices add a warming hint to the complex flavour of the old raj gin from the Cadenheads bunch.


Rock Rose Navy Strength Gin
Herby, citrusy and lively.


Shetland Reel 43%
Juniper, spices and hint of citrus on the nose that follows into the palate with a touch of mint on the finish. A very clean and refreshing gin.


Strathearn Homecoming
This is strongly juniper-led. A smooth, sweet start switches to a light peppery mouth-feel which is followed by a gentle sherbet finish as the citrus develops towards the end.


Whitley Neil connoisseurs cut gin
London Dry Gin rich in juniper and refreshing citrus. Crafted using juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, liquorice root and the peels of oranges, lemons and grapefruits and 47%.


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